Ella’s Richmond Photography Session!

Last night, everything fell into place. (Unless, of course, you were the Canucks!) After spending the day with our good friend Ann, Ella was in a great mood. The light was gorgeous. I even managed to convince her to put on some different clothes. (To understand the last statement, you have to realize that my beautiful little girl is VERY strong willed. Once she’s made up her mind that she does or does not like something, good luck in changing it!)

Yesterday, I talked a little about the difference between being a “pro” and capturing a snap shot. Snap shots are great for documenting moments. They record the events in our lives. They are the images that make us smile and remember. They really are important.

So why would you ever want to pay to have professional photographs done? Why invest that money, especially when it’s tight or there are so many other things you could spend it on?

These are not easy questions to answer. I know I’ll sound biased, like I’m trying to convince you to hire me. I’m not. I simply want to point out the differences. When you’re working with a professional, they understand light and how to use it to make an exceptional photograph. Not only do they tell YOUR story as seen through someone else’s eyes. They do it in a way that makes for amazing pieces of art.

Yes, I had trouble picking just a few to post… so you get extra photos to look at today!

Going for a run on the beach…

Not so sure about this bare feet in the sand thing!

Getting braver…

Going for a walk with her best bud, Ann!

Because I simply can’t do a session without a cute photo of sandy feet!

Getting really brave now and exploring all over!

I just LOVE her smile.

I think she was trying to tell me to “Bug off mom, I’ve got more exploring to do!”

“Come on dad, let’s go for a walk!”

Now for my absolute favourites! I’m having a really hard time picking between the next three as to which one I want to put up on my wall as a big canvas! (Would love some help deciding, if you’re so inclined!)

Don’t you just want to pinch her little cheeks?

My little imp…

… but you have to love me, because I’m CUTE!

Our beautiful friend, Ann!

Keep smiling and hoping for more evenings like this one!

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