Ella’s Two and a Half…

Wow, two and a half. Where does the time go? Ella is growing so quickly and I sometimes feel like I’m missing things. I’m so glad that when she was born, I made the commitment to take regular portraits. This means, taking the time to find the light or set up a flash and trying to get her to sit still (ish) 🙂 I’m finding that as she’s getting older and becoming more independent, this is getting harder. Her favourite phrase at the moment is “I can do it all my byself!” This applies to everything from brushing her teeth, to climbing up into her chair for meals and even to trying to pick up Tehya.

She’s quite the character. She LOVES to laugh and is great at making faces. Her lion is her constant companion. She’s very opinionated and isn’t afraid to boss you around, but is also quick to apologize if she thinks she’s hurt you. Most days, she makes me smile… and on the days when I want to tear my hair out, she’ll do something completely unexpected that melts my heart. She loves to call Eric at work and talk to him for a couple of minutes… lately it’s been to tell him that he’s forgotten his book at home. When she wakes up in the morning, she calls me to her room and we have a morning cuddle/visit. After a while, she tells me that “It’s light outside, it’s time to start my day, I sink. I get out of bed now, please.” She’s so grown up, but yet, still so small.

Here are a few of the faces that make me happy!

Happy Half Birthday Ella! I LOVE YOU!!!

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