Eric’s Techie Tuesday Photo Tip

Hi all, Eric here. Katrina is out all day volunteering for the Cmolik Foundation, which means the tip of the week falls to me. (Though I’m not really sure who’s job is easier today…writing a post for the world to read, or spending your day exploring mines and trains with 70 grade 5’s!)

I teach photography for a living, so I really like complicated technical ways of making better photographs. Today I’m going to turn off the geeky tech side of photography, literally. The tip for this week is… Turn off your flash.

Flash is a wonderful way to capture a fast moving object or to light up a dark room. The problem with flash is where it comes from. It comes from right beside your lens. This means that the light is going to illuminate the entire face. The best portraits are done with some of the face in shadow. Use a desk lamp, a window or even a cell phone to light up your subject. In today’s example image, The automatic function on the camera wanted flash, I said, “No flash, just wonderful available light.”

Enjoy your simplified evening.


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