Everyday Adventures

When we were really little, my parents bought a trampoline for my siblings and I. We LOVED it. We spent many hours out there immersed in our own little world, turning the trampoline into everything from a deserted island to a giant fort to a place for “flying carpet rides.” Then one day, the mat ripped. It had been well loved and just couldn’t take any more. So last summer, my dad went on the hunt to find another one for his grand kids… and he did. It has quickly become a favourite thing to do when all the kids get together. It’s so much fun to watch them discover all the things we did as kids.

In the past week, Ella has finally started jumping with both her feet!!! This is a MAJOR accomplishment for her. She’s always been a little cautious, so to finally be brave enough to let go was so exciting to watch.

She’s also discovered that it’s a great place to take a nap… although not much napping happened it was still cute to see her all cuddled up on it!

I’m looking forward to watching as they discover all the different things the trampoline can be used for. It’s an everyday adventure in the back yard 🙂

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