Family Fairness…

When Ella was about 5 weeks old, we had the amazing opportunity to have a portrait taken by Greg Daniel. We loved it so much, that we had a 30″ canvas made for our bedroom.

Growing up, a big thing in my family was fairness. As best they could, my parents tried to make everything equal for me and my three siblings. I “inherited” this gene as well. So when Tehya came along, I wanted to recreate something similar to this photo of Ella for our wall. We attempted a couple of weeks ago when we had our family photos taken… but we had the wrong type of lens and the compression just wasn’t right. (Sorry for the “geek” terminology!) So the other night, Eric borrowed a lens from Darren and we were able to capture this image.

Not exactly the same but similar enough that we’re really happy with it 🙂

Since we didn’t have someone to take the photo for us, and the timer wouldn’t have worked very well. Eric setup a remote trigger. Basically the camera was plugged directly into his computer and using a specific software, he was able to trigger our setup with his iPod! Gotta love technology.

Here’s a little peek at our setup.

Hope you enjoy the sun today!

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