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Some of you may remember a post I did last year about Apple Basket Yarn & Supply. The cute little yarn shop that is just down the road from our new house. Well, as with most things in life, change happens and this is the case with Apple Basket! You see, Brianne’s husband was offered a job in Vernon, and they decided that this would be a great move for their family. So as much as it saddened Brianne, she needed to sell the store.

This is where our next story starts. Keryn, is the new owner of Apple Basket and is slowly making it her own. The first change… is the name. It is now Farm Fairy Fiber.

There’s now a “shop dog”, Misty. She’s a very sweet old dog and will sometimes come to greet you when you walk in the door, but mostly she sleeps 🙂


There’s also a “shop boy”, Lucas. He’s Keryn’s son and is as sweet as can be. He was most excited to show me his firehall, which is set up at the back of the store. Just as I was leaving, he came up to his mom and asked for a cuddle, which I thought was adorable.


Keryn is slowly bringing in different kinds of yarn, including some spinning fiber. The shop has also been rearranged in order of yarn thickness, which I found to be really helpful.


And finally, here’s Keryn. Keryn’s been knitting off an on since she taught herself when she was 13. Being a lefty, she couldn’t find anyone to teach her! She also crochets a little and loves to spin. She definitely has a love of fiber! Oh and the adorable sheep in the window… painted by her sister 🙂


When I asked her what prompted her to buy the store, she told me her story. She was getting something from the fridge one day and finally really noticed a magnet that she’d gotten from her mom several years ago. It said, “Born to be a remarkable woman… Everything a woman could be.” When she sat back and looked at her life, she really didn’t feel like she was living up to this. She was working at MEC a couple of evenings a week and walking dogs during the day. So she decided to make some changes. She quit her dog walking job and around that time, her husband heard from a friend that Apple Basket was for sale. He told her about it, which she found unusual because “he doesn’t usually go along with her crazy schemes”… so she figured that it wouldn’t hurt to talk to the owner… then it didn’t hurt to talk to the real estate agent… then it didn’t hurt to talk to the bank… at this point, she finally decided that she was buying the store, since she’d already done all the work!

I’m sure you’re as curious as I was about the new shop name. Well, when Keryn was studying agriculture at University, she arrived at a formal dance in her pick up truck. As she was stepping out of the truck in her dress… and boots (she couldn’t drive in her stilettos!), someone commented that she looked like a beautiful Farm Fairy… and the nick name stuck! Maybe we’ll even eventually see some of Keryn’s hand spun yarn for sale under the Farm Fairy Fiber brand???

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Keryn at the Grand Re-Opening, taking place on January 25th. Be sure to follow her on Facebook for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate!


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