Filling the Jar!

When I got home from work on Friday, Ella came running down the hall and greeted me. The minute I walked up a couple of stairs, Ella jumped into my arms for a hug and said, “I love you mommy. I missed you today!” My heart melted. Then she got down and raced back to Eric, so that he could finish reading her a story.

Then Tehya appeared. (It took her longer to get off the bed and run down the hall!) The moment Ella was out of my arms, Tehya was in them. She gave me a big hug and then she started to tug at my jacket and say “off”. So I put her down, took off my jacket and the instant it was off, she was asking to be picked up again. She snuggled right in. BEST. FEELING. EVER. When Tehya hugs me after I’ve been out all day, she hugs me with her whole being. You can feel her whole body clinging to you. If I try to put her down, her legs stick straight out and she refuses to put her feet on the floor. (If only I had the core strength to still do that!!) She demands her “mommy time”.

It’s an amazing feeling to be so loved. To feel how important I am to these two tiny little beings, who all they want in return is to be loved, it’s awe inspiring. Sure the responsibility is huge and at times, feels overwhelming, but the rewards are endless. After all, who doesn’t want to be greeted with so much love when you get home?

Remember this post from the beginning of the year? I talked about the jar and filling it with the best moments of the day? It’s now the end of April and this is what my jar looks like… and nope, I don’t write something every day. In fact, there have been weeks where I haven’t written anything, but looking at the jar as it keeps getting fuller, reminds me of just how many things I have to be thankful for.


Happy Monday!

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