Finding Balance

Since becoming a mom, I’ve learned a lot of things. I’ve learned what it is to completely lose yourself in the needs of another. I’ve learned what being busy really means. I’ve learned that there are few things that uplift your spirits more than a hug and kiss from your child. That when your child says “I love you”, your heart will melt. I’ve learned that guilt has a whole other level and right now, I’m trying to figure out how to find balance in my life.

This weekend, I was at a karate tournament on Saturday and Sunday, I attended a DDP Yoga workshop. On Friday, despite the fact that we’d had a great dinner out and walk together that night, I was feeling GUILTY! I knew I wasn’t going to see my girls at all on Saturday and very little on Sunday. I was giving up time with Eric and with them, to do something entirely for me. I tried to remind myself that this was part of the reason that I implemented FAMILY weekends once a month, where we’re not allowed to take on work or schedule time with friends, that it’s all about spending time together. I reminded myself that spending some time doing things I love to do makes me a better mom. That recharging my batteries and seeing friends, means that I have more to give to my girls. I reminded myself that showing my girls that fitness is an important part of my life, will mean that they are more likely to make the same kind of commitment when they are older. I also reminded myself that I feel better about myself and have more energy when I’m in shape. So I tried to just let go of the guilt and enjoy.

Saturday was great. The tournament went really smoothly and I so pleased when one of my friends asked me how it was possible that I seemed so calm when I was reffing some of the matches. I was grateful to see friends that I only see at the events and to remember what it feels like to be a part of something bigger. One of the things I’m working towards in finding balance, is being able to commit to being back at the dojo on a regular basis and making the time to train.

The workshop on Sunday was a lot of fun. Eric came along to do a few photographs of the event, while I enjoyed a great workout. I bought the DDP Yoga DVD’s back in December and have been working with them at home since January. For me, it was nice to workout with a group and challenge myself. One of the commitments I made to myself this year was to make the time to workout… and while I’ve stumbled a little in March and April, I know I’ll figure out a way to find the right balance again. The workshop was definitely a great push to get back on track.

At the workshop… it’s all about breath control!


Great core strength builder.


I want to be able to do this when I’m 58 years young too! (Honestly, I want to be able to do it now and know that I will get there!)


A fine looking group.


The best thing I walked away with this weekend was the reminder that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. I know I have control over my time. I know I have control over what I do with that time and which things I put at the top of my priority list. I know that I can figure out the work/life balance, but in the mean time, I can be happy with where I am right now and I can forgive myself when I feel I’ve made a mistake. Life doesn’t have to be “perfect” to be amazing.

Happy Monday!

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