Finding the Joy in Everyday

The other day, I read this article. It made me stop and think. I don’t agree with everything that the author says. Lots of it, but not everything. Yes, parenting is hard. Yes, it presents challenges and there are moments when you just want to tear your hair out. There are the days when bedtime simply can’t come soon enough. There are the moments you wish you had your “pre-kid” life back, mainly so you had a little more control over when you get to sleep!

But here’s my thought. While it can be frustrating, there are moments that more than make up for it. There are also things to be thankful for, even in the moments when you might just lose your mind.

Like the moment when Ella bumps her head on the kitchen table and in the ensuing flood of tears, Tehya starts to cry in sympathy, Eric is at work and I need to somehow comfort two kids. In that moment, when you’re knee deep in a challenge, there is something to savour. The sisterly empathy. The ability of a mom to be able to kiss the “owwie” better. The simplicity of love. So when someone tells you to enjoy this time, it passes so quickly, I agree. Carpe Diem, if that’s the term you want to use. Time is precious. The good, the bad and the in between. I say don’t live for the Kairos moments, live for the chronos ones too. All of these moments are what make life sweet.

Here’s one of my Kairos moments from last night… the chronos ones are too busy to photograph.

Hope to see you at the Grand Opening tomorrow!

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