Fireworks – Celebration of Light tips

With the Honda Celebration of Light happening in Vancouver over this week, I thought that I’d write a short post about taking better fireworks photographs. Here are the three key ingredients for fireworks.

1. Tripod. You’re going to be making exposures that are longer than 1 second, so put your camera on a tripod. Even a little portable one like the Ultrapod, will make a huge difference.

2. Use a longer shutter speed. DSLR users, try anything from 1 second up to 10 seconds depending on how dark it is. If you’ve got a point and shoot, then try out either the fireworks mode, or the night mode. They will likely give you different results. If you’ve got a smart phone, or an ipod like I do, then try the Slow Shutter Cam from the itunes store.

3. Shoot early. Because of the smoke generated in the air, get your photograph done early in the show. When it gets near the end, the smoke tarnishes the image. Once you’ve got some great images, enjoy the show. If you want to stay late, the boats returning home also make for great images.

Here is a link to some images of fireworks from last Saturday night. The photographer is a friend, Mike Mander.

Our kids were in bed…

so I played a little!


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