Food… food and more food…

For those of you who know me well, you know I LOVE to cook and even more than that I ADORE baking. This weekend was full of both and left me smiling 😀

On Friday night, my mom and I took a Sushi making class at the Cookshop. It was great fun… although the chef was a little eccentric! We learned about tempura, Oshi Sushi and even got to try our hand at making a Dynamite roll and a California roll. Here’s a little look at my efforts!

Half way through rolling my Dynamite roll… Sweet Potato Tempura, japanese mayo, lettuce and cucumber, so yummy!

The California roll with Japanese Mayo, Crab, Avocado and Cucumber, all ready to roll up!

All rolled up and looking so yummy!

Here’s my Dynamite roll all cut up and ready to eat (it was delicious!) and my California roll all wrapped up and ready to take home. (Sorry no photos of how delicious it looked once I cut it up. Eric forgot because he was too busy eating it!)

Then on Saturday, we had friends over for brunch. We enjoyed some fresh squeezed citrus juice, some “sweet and spicy” salsa and a yummy red onion quiche. (sorry no photos here either… too busy eating and visiting!) Later that day, I was thinking about the 5 pounds of fresh picked strawberries that I had sitting in my fridge. Then I thought about the left over pastry from the quiche I’d made that morning. Then my mind drifted towards chocolate. And I thought to myself, there must be a recipe out there that combines fresh strawberries and chocolate into a pie!

I searched through several recipes online and so many sounded delicious. I decided to narrow things down: it had to be relatively quick to make and it needed to use ingredients that I already had on hand, as I didn’t want to go shopping! I found this recipe and decided to give it a try.

I was not disappointed! It was DELICIOUS and I’m not even a huge fan of cream cheese! As the base softened a little, it simply melted in your mouth. It also really brought out the sweetness of the strawberries. I decided to drizzle it with melted white chocolate, as opposed to the semi-sweet chocolate that it call for, simply because I thought it would add some colour.

Now I just have to control my urge to try out all the other yummy sounding recipes that I found online. The last thing I need is to eat pie every night! (Or maybe that would be a good idea… after all it would make the baby happy ;))

Happy Monday!

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