Last night, my good friend, Ann, came for dinner. Our friendship is one that I sometimes have difficulty explaining. We first met at Camp Goodtimes. I was her counsellor for two summers in a row, but when she relapsed, our friendship really changed. Since she was in Vancouver for treatments at Childrens’, I spent a lot of time with her. We went for ice cream, watched movies and had sleep overs. I tried to make the treatments a little easier for her. She became a part of my family.

When Eric and I got married, I was so glad that they quickly became friends too. Eric often refers to her as our “other daughter”. He was out last night, so Ann and I had a rare chance to reminisce about camp. We talked about the impact we’ve had on each other’s lives over the last 10 years. We talked about the gratitude we both feel for the other. We shared openly and it felt really good.

We also talked about the impact that she’s been having on Ella’s life. Ann was over two weeks ago and we’d picked her up from the mall. Now, every time we drive past the mall, Ella says “Ann, Come Here Now Please!” It’s pretty cute. Ella was so excited to see Ann last night and they had a LOT fun playing together. It warms my heart to see Ann’s impact on Ella’s life.

Then again, this is the ripple effect of amazing friendships. It doesn’t stop with the two people at the center. It radiates out and affects those around them too. I am grateful to have many friends as amazing as Ann. Thank you all for making my life so rich.

Happy Friday!

This one’s a little old, as it’s from Ella’s first birthday, but it’s one of my favourite. I’m going to have to change the fact that this is one of the few photos that I have of the two of them together!

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