Yesterday, I had the privilege of being on the radio with Jon McComb at CKNW. It was to discuss the issue that we’re facing with Canada Post right now…

As some of you may know, my parents run a computer company, and have done since 1982. In 1987, they moved the business into their home, as they found that having retail space didn’t work for the kind of work they were doing. They deal primarily with small to medium size businesses and spend most of their time at their client’s sites, so it simply makes more sense to work from home. However, wanting to keep things as separate as possible, they opted to rent a mailbox from a private company… and that has been their mailing address for the last 27 years. It is also the mailing address I use for Kalem Photography and have done so, since I started my business almost 18 years ago. The service we’ve received from this company has been exemplary, and we were sadden to learn last month that they would be closing at the end of July.

Monday, we tried to have the mail forwarded from that address to another address, only to discover that Canada Post has a policy that states that they will not forward mail from a private mailbox company. If you have a postal box rented from Canada Post… no problem. If you’re a business, moving from one address to another… no problem. And even though the address looks like any other street address that you would find, (it’s 443 – 8155 Park Rd), Canada Post will not allow you to forward mail from there.

Loren, the owner of the mailbox company has offered several solutions to Canada Post. Anything from having all the mail from 8155 Park Rd forwarded to one address and she would then sort it and arrange for her clients to pick it up from her, to having the mail held at the depot and going in every few days and sorting it. Every solution that she’s put forward has been turned down. They’ve even refused to forward her business mail! So, at the end of this month… all mail sent to that address will be returned to sender!

To me, this is ludicrous. Canada Post is a company that is losing money at an alarming rate, have decided that the best course of action is to go to community mailboxes and to eliminate jobs… but when they are offered thousands of dollars in business, they turn it down. The company we rent from, has 460 boxes. Some are businesses, some would be considered residential. If a business forwards mail for 4 months, it’s a $155.95 or $248.95 for 12 months, and it’s cheaper for residential addresses. (You can see the full price list here) Let’s assume that 200 of the boxes are businesses… that’s a minimum of $31190 in revenue! Why would you turn that away? And how many other private mail box companies are facing the same problems?

The other part that really bothers me, is that there were a few people that applied to have their mail forwarded as soon as we received notice that the company was closing. They received the confirmation card in the mail from Canada Post that their mail would be forwarded… but when more businesses started applying for their mail to be forwarded from the same address, Canada Post rejected them and actually cancelled the ones that had already been confirmed! Loren, has also told me that, in the past, people have successfully had mail forwarded from that address when they’ve moved or found a permanent home. So the thing is, it’s possible to do it, they just don’t want to do it!

I realize that the mail is being used less and less. That more and more companies are finding ways to do things online. However, how wise is it of Canada Post to turn away the business that is being handed to them, by the people who do want to use their service? All it makes me want to do is find ways to avoid using their service as much as possible!

I’m also hoping that by spreading the word, maybe we can put enough pressure on Canada Post, that they will be able to review their policy, and change it. That maybe, just maybe, someone I know, knows someone who can help. If that’s you, please let me know. We’ve done our best to inform everyone we can that our address is changing… but there are so many things that come infrequently, that we may have missed something!

Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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