Gnomes and Fairies and Girls… Oh My!

Last week sometime, I found this post. It’s all about using old broken pots to create Fairy Gardens. We have an amazing nursery close to us, and it runs workshops on Fairy Gardens, but I’d never really considered it before… but now, I was smitten. Even Eric agreed with me that they were cute!

So I kept thinking… I don’t really have a place to put a broken pot… nor do I have any broken pots to use… what else could we do? So I looked around our big backyard… and there’s this small space, close to the playhouse, that really doesn’t have much in it. So that became our Fairy Garden space. It didn’t take long… a little bit of weeding, a little bit of planting, a little bench building, and voila, a new space for our girls to relax, play and enjoy some cuteness!

The girls checking out the work in progress…


Tehya also wanted to do something, so she planted vegetables… on seed in each hole… she did AMAZING!


One of our little gnomes in his new home 🙂


Happy Wednesday!

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