Good Eats – Gudrun

I’m always a little nervous taking the kids out to a “non-family” restaurant. I think my kids are pretty well behaved but I also know, not everyone wants to see/hear kids when they are enjoying a nice meal. It’s the catch-22 – as parents, we don’t always want to eat at a family restaurant, but you also need to respect other peoples desires to have a meal without kids to interrupt!

So, when we made reservations to Gudrun, we made sure to check that they were okay with kids, and they weren’t just okay with them, they were amazing! The staff was very friendly when we arrived and asked us if we’d like a high chair for Tehya (I know, small thing, but you’d be surprised at the number of restaurants that don’t have high chairs!), they made a special grilled cheese sandwich for Ella (not on the menu!) and even let her colour on their menu board with chalk. When we left, we noticed that there had been some creative kids outside decorating the sidewalk too! We never felt rushed to leave and the food was delicious. In fact, Eric and I both commented that it’s the most relaxed that we’ve ever felt leaving a non-family restaurant with the kids. If you’re ever out in Steveston, I definitely suggest you check them out. I think we’ll be trying a brunch sometime in the near future and I’m already looking forward to it.

Eric’s iPod photo of Ella colouring 🙂

Checking out her handiwork!

Happy Wednesday!

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