Grateful Reflections

For the past couple of years, I’ve written a post just before Thanksgiving to express my gratitude… for my family, for my friends, for my clients, for my amazing life. This year, I was absorbed in a little spinning contest called Spinzilla and between that, and trying to balance work with having a couple of sick kids, I found it challenging to find the time to sit, reflect and write what I really felt. Since I feel it’s never too late to express gratitude, this is my slightly belated post.

To Eric – where do I start to express my gratitude for you. Thank you for loving me and supporting me and pushing me to continue to follow my dreams. I’m grateful that I have you to walk through life with, to be a parent with and to love. Thank you for not questioning my sanity when I said I was going to spin as much as I possibly could in a week and for not teasing me too much about it. I promise to share the yarn with you 🙂


To Ella – you are an amazing little girl. I’m so proud of how your adjusting to your new schedule and adapting to life in Kindergarten. I love the way you care about everyone around you and how helpful you are. I love that you want to stay home from school because you miss your play time with Tehya. I love how kind and generous you are.


To Tehya – you are my cheeky little sweetheart. You make me laugh on a daily basis with your funny comments. You are so full of love and life, it’s hard to keep up with sometimes. I love how adventurous you are and your willingness to try new things. I love seeing your joy when Ella gets let out of school. I love watching you learn and grow. You are simply incredible.


To my amazing family and family in law – thank you for being you. There are too many things to list in one short paragraph, so I’ll just say thank you and I love you.

To my awesome friends – life would not be nearly as rich as it is without you. Thank you for being a part of my life.

And last but not least – To my incredible clients – thank you for your trust and love of my work. Thank you for sharing your experiences with your friends. Thank you for supporting this artist in doing something she loves to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of doing a couple of sessions on Vancouver Island. It included a very special session on a sailboat. Hope to be able to share those images with you soon… but in the meantime, here’s our view as we headed out for a quick sail. So grateful for this beautiful place we call home.


Happy Tuesday!

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