Happy Birthday Ella!

Where does the time go? My “baby” is two! I can hardly believe all the amazing changes over the last two years. She’s gone from a not so tiny 9lbs 5oz of sheer cuteness (yes, I’m biased) to a little girl with very strong opinions. She has a laugh that never fails to make me smile. She has a heart of gold. She is a happy, healthy, chatty “little” one and I feel so lucky. We love you Ella, Happy Birthday!

We have a full day planned to celebrate, with just the three of us…gymnastics, the Aquarium, some shopping and a picnic lunch! I’ll also be trying to squeeze in a photo session. When Ella was first born, we’d set up the lights and photograph her once a month. Since her first birthday, we aim to set up a “proper” photo session every six months. Here’s a look back…

This “little one” was my reward for waiting 17 days past my due and working through 48 hours of labour.

I think this remains one of my favourite images of her…just two days old.

I love, love, love her smile.

I had to share this one, just to show you, that ours can also be cranky during photo time. Here she is at 11 months, with her favourite “best friend.”

Showing off her laugh at 18 months!

And for all her 2 year old cuteness…you’ll just have to wait a couple of days 🙂

Have a great day, I know we will 🙂

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