Hawk Walk!

For my birthday this year, Eric and Tehya gifted me a Hawk Walk with a Twist. (Ella’s gift is for another post!) Basically, you get to learn about Raptors, take a walk through the forest with a bird on your hand and finally you get to let him fly. A few weeks ago, we made the appointment and I had SO MUCH FUN!!! You wouldn’t think that something as simple as having a Hawk land on your hand would be so fascinating, but it truly was.

This little guy is Stomper, and he’s a Harris Hawk.





It’s funny, when we were looking through the photos, Eric commented about my other hand being in my pocket. He thought it was because I was disinterested in what I was doing. Actually… I was very interested in what I was doing, I was just trying to control my urge to reach out and pet him! They are truly magnificent birds!


Pretty impressed with this photo that Tehya managed to capture!


One of the other birds at Raptor’s Ridge


In short, if you want a truly unique experience, this definitely was worth it!

Happy Wednesday 🙂

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