Hello Summer!

With the weather forecast finally showing 5 straight days of sun, I hope it’s safe to say HELLO SUMMER!! It’s about time too. I don’t usually like to complain about the weather, as I think it’s just wasted energy. After all, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, so why worry? However, the constant rain was starting to get to me!

For me, the start of summer always meant the arrival of fresh, local strawberries! My favourite summertime treat. (well…that and blueberries and cherries and peaches… basically anything fresh and in season, I LOVE! And if you really want to make me swoon, add chocolate fondue to the mix and I’m in heaven :))

The other day, my dad picked up 40 lbs of strawberries from a local farm and my mom and I spent part of the afternoon cleaning, hulling and freezing most of them… some just happened to find their way into our mouths and a few others were saved for a tasty chocolate dessert!

Welcome summer, you’ve been missed 😉

Happy Thursday!

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