Hmmm… I LOVE cookies!

I think Eric loves this time of year the best, as it means COOKIES!! I decided a long time ago that instead of buying gifts for my friends, I would bake cookies and other treats for Christmas. To be honest, the tradition started when I was building my business and I didn’t have a lot of money. I simply couldn’t afford to buy gifts. The thing is, that now that I’m in a position that I could buy gifts, I know that all my friends look forward to their little bag every year. It’s become a really great tradition 🙂

This year, I was going to reduce the different things that I make. The list is long…there’s shortbread, sugar cookies, nutmeg logs, ice box cookies, Carmel corn and fudge. And I didn’t think I could get it all done with everything else that I have going on! Turns out, everyone has a different favourite, and the two most time consuming ones (sugar cookies and nutmeg logs) are at the top of the list. Which meant, I made everything. I was glad that my friend Ann came over to help… and Eric was able to help out with watching the girls, otherwise it never would have happened!

Sugar Cookies, honestly, who doesn’t love sugar cookies? They are just so yummy!

Nutmeg Logs…the reason that Eric and I met and probably the biggest reason he married me 😉

I’ve posted the recipes here, if you’d like to try your hand at it! Just a couple of tips, I bake the cookies and store them in Tupperware containers un-iced. About 2 hours before I meet up with a friend, I ice the number that I’m going to give away, let them sit for about an hour until they are set and then put them into the bag. I also make sure to use “pure” ingredients. I prefer butter to margarine, pure vanilla extract to imitation etc. I pick up a lot of my ingredients from Galloways. Although, I have found that flour, sugar and icing sugar are really cheap at Costco. So when you’re making big batches, like I do, it makes for huge savings!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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