Holiday Time!

At the end of July, we took a much needed family holiday. We spent a week, blissfully disconnected from the “real world” but truly connected to each other. It was exactly what was needed and I’m so glad we could make it happen.

We’d decided to break up our trip into a few different pieces. Our first night was a Little Qualicum Falls, just outside of Qualicum Beach. I think you can agree, it’s a beautiful location. The falls were just a 5 minute walk from our campsite!



The girls had fun on the ancient playground we found… but honestly, who doesn’t love an old fashioned zip line!



The next morning we drove up to Strathcona park… stopping for ice cream along the way 🙂


The next two images were taken just at the entrance of the park… I love how Eric and the girls look like they are posing in front of a fake background!



The girls… exploring the beach across from our campsite!


The next morning, we took the girls to Crest Creek Craggs to go rock climbing for the first time. They loved it!

Eric coming down after setting up the ropes… the only “climbing” he actually got to do!


Ella getting into her harness…


Thumbs up, ready to climb! She did get a little scared as she started up the wall, so I had to put the camera down!


Tehya is by far our more “adventurous” child. Here’s her very enthusiastic thumbs up!


And getting “helped” down!


The next day, we started off our morning hanging out on the beach and then we took the girls “waterfall hunting.”


Tehya thought it was pretty funny to run away from the camera!


This is at Myra Falls… and because of the extremely dry weather we’ve had, there was VERY little water flowing… so the girls got to do some impromptu climbing. In the image below, where Tehya is on the rocks is normally covered in water!!


Lady Falls


The girls thought this giant boot was pretty awesome too 🙂


That night, Eric went down to Buttle Lake to see about doing some star trails. All of the stumps you see are also normally covered in water… so you can really see just how much some rain is needed!



The next day, we headed to Kye Bay to meet up with Eric’s family, stopping at Elk Falls on the way. Eric had borrowed an infrared camera from work, I love what he was able to capture there!



When we arrived at the beach, the girls could hardly wait to go fishing.


Stand up paddle boarding was also a highlight….


Love that our girls love cameras too!


Dessert is always appreciated 🙂


A storm blew through on Friday, which made for some very cool clouds



But it meant that this is what the beach on Saturday morning…


Ankle deep in seaweed!


From here, we headed to Image Explorations, a professional photography conference… but that’s a post for another day!

Happy Tuesday!

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