Home Sweet Home

We’ve been home since late on Friday night and I have to say, it really is sweet. Ella’s back to sleeping through the night (something she failed to do the entire time we were gone!), I’ve managed to get through the pile of laundry that needed to be done and we’ve even managed to somewhat organize our photos from the trip.

While we are still a little disappointed that we didn’t make it to Manitoba to see our friends, we did have a great time. It was nice to slow down and enjoy being in the moment. To stop and have picnic lunches every day. To watch the changes in Ella and see how excited she was to “go on adventures” every morning. I know that in a few years time, she won’t likely remember much about the trip, but for now, almost every morning she talks about “I pet blue dinosaurs!” or “I see a BIG Elk.” This is what I was hoping for when we set out on a trip. That Ella would have a good time, we’d create some memories as a family and that we’d come home feeling a little closer to one another.

Our friend, the BIG Elk.

After taking the time to really slow down, I’ve realized that I need to do it more often. My friends and family are always telling me that I’m too busy. That I need to do less. Considering how good it felt to stop and disconnect for a while, they may just be onto something!

Now onto the good stuff… photos 🙂

Saying hi to dad from the bug free tent in Dinosaur Park!

I just thought this was too cute not to post. I love watching her sleep!

Enjoying her first ice cream cone… which was actually mine, as it apparently tasted better than the cherry one we’d ordered for her!

Heading out into the badlands for a little walk and Ella did most of the 300 meters on her own!

I love the textures and shapes you see in the Badlands. So beautiful.

One of my favourite photos from the trip.

Looking for deer.

Sometimes it’s best to just not question!

Checking out the dinosaur bones at the Royal Tyrell Museum.

Checking out the view.

Play time.

You can never go wrong with rain on vacation, as long as you have an umbrella!

Hiking in Johnson Canyon…Ella walked the entire way to the lower falls by herself…just over 1 km! And then she walked most of the way back.

The Natural Bridge in Yoho Provincial Park.

Our attempt at a family photograph. (see even photographers try and do the arm stretched out self portrait!)

Filling in my mom on her adventures so far.

Spencer Falls.

Our amazing little cabin, just outside of Nakusp at the Rock Island Resort. I would love to go back here and spend more time. So peaceful!

Checking out the view of the lake.

Proof that happiness can be found simply sitting in a restaurant, playing with the number stand!

Happy Wednesday!

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