I feel so lucky…

My baby is 19 months old today, and baring a few minor colds, she’s been completely healthy. For this, I feel so lucky. She loves to colour, she currently has a fascination with Shania Twain music videos (courtesy of my dad!) and is adding new words to her vocabulary every day. She regularly asks for hugs and kisses and says “I tove te too” when we tell her that we love her. Life is good.

I was reminded of this again the other day when I saw this website on my friend’s Facebook page. Little Molly is just over a month old and fighting for her life. If you’re in a position to help this family, please do. Even if it’s as simple as keeping them in your thoughts.

Also, please take a moment and hug your kids. Life is precious.

One of my all time favourite moments. Ella at 2 days old.

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