I’m terrible at keeping secrets…

Originally, I had planned to do a post on Christmas day, after Ella had opened her present from us… but after I finished making her bear, I simply couldn’t keep it a secret! I’ve had this pattern for several years now and I love it. The finished product is HUGE (about 40″ long)… and despite gift buying instructions that I’ve given to family members, it doesn’t fit in a shoe box. The ones that I’ve created for my niece and nephews in the past couple of years, have been met with big smiles and lots of excitement. I’m hoping that this will be the case for Ella!

If you have any suggestions for names, I’d love to hear them… Ella, of course, will be making the final decision.

Me, putting the finishing touches on the bear.

The final product…

To give you a little idea of the size… Ella’s bear chases a mouse 🙂

Happy 3 days before Christmas!

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