Image Explorations…Day 2

It’s been a crazy couple of days. We arrived at Shawingan Lake School on Saturday morning to help get everything set up and ready for registration on Sunday. It all went very smoothly and it was great to re-connect with the other “team” members.

Sunday was a blur of greeting new faces and welcoming back old friends. It was a long day, but that evening, as I sat in our first classroom session, I knew I was going to come home with SO MANY new ideas. I felt certain I would leave rejuvenated and inspired. And today hasn’t disappointed. It’s been crammed full of tips, tricks and a wonderful new way of looking at things.

When we stopped for lunch, Eric asked me if I wanted to photograph one of the models that had come in for a class that afternoon. I was excited, because it meant that I could practice what I’d just learned and really help to solidify it! Kendra was beautiful and I’m delighted to share these two images with you.

Happy Monday!

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