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Well, as normal, when we go to Image Explorations, the week took us by storm and now it’s all over. It was an amazing learning experience for both Katrina and I. Katrina has another new level of energy about her photography (as if she needed it), and she’s ready to ramp up some of the ideas that are floating around in her head.

I’m just plain tired. Being a part of the team that puts the event on means that an early night is 3:00 am. If my body is spent, then my mind is rejuvenated as that’s just what happens when you put that many photographers in one place. I had the privilege of working with a number of seasoned professionals including the president of the Professional Photographers of America, Don Dickson. Don volunteered to assist me with a family session, but ended up having so much fun that he grabbed my camera and decided to make a bunch of images himself. Here’s one of the images that he created.

Katrina will be back blogging soon, but I’ll leave you with one short story about Ella. When we arrived back in Vancouver, Ella was just finishing getting her hair dried by Katrina’s parents. We opened the door, she saw us and smiled. Grandma asked, “Who’s that?” The response… “Oh, Oh, Dat’s Taz!” Referring to the dog. Well we certainly know that Ella enjoyed her week without us!

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