Imagination… that’s all!

Being a work at home mom has some great benefits… and some great drawbacks. Some days, it’s hard to get any work done and you’re left feeling fragmented and pressured. Time lines are always lengthened and sometimes, you have to say no. (I don’t like to say no to clients!) There are days where you spend more time being a referee than you do working. Some days, you have so much left to do at the end of the day, that you can’t wait for bedtime. Which then can mean very late nights and very little sleep. It’s definitely challenging.

On the days where I’m struggling, I try to find five minutes to take a breath and remember all the good that comes from being able to have my girls at home with me. I get to be there for them. With the exception of a few months at Preschool for Ella, the only other care providers that they’ve ever known, have been aunts, uncles and grandparents. This is huge for me. I got to see them take their first steps and say their first words. I get to have morning cuddles with them and take our time getting ready. There’s less rushing and more being. I can opt for swimming lessons during the week, so that are weekends are less busy. If they feel like having a pajama day, that’s okay. I also get to see their imaginations running wild. I get to watch fort building and pretending and creating, and for this, I’m really grateful.

Nothing like a sheet, a few chairs and a confined space to make for happy kids.


Ones that smile big…


…and ones that like to pretend they are sleeping.


I’m so very lucky!

Happy Thursday 🙂

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