In Awe of the Single Parent!

I am completely in awe of single parents. Eric left on Tuesday afternoon to assist in a commercial photography shoot up at Sonora Resort. (Little bit jealous of the location, not so jealous of the 16-18 hour days!)

In that time… My house… a complete disaster. Me… beyond exhausted, especially with the 1 & 2 hour wake ups in the middle of the night with a teething Tehya. Bedtime routine… out the window. Kids… missing their dad and super clingy.

I figured this would be easy. My thought process was… I’m with them most of the day on my own anyway. I’ve done lots of nights where Eric has had to work late and I’ve needed to get the kids to bed by myself. How hard could this really be?

Apparently, trickier than I thought. Tehya is at the stage where unless there are absolutely NO distractions, she will not fall asleep. So my old technique of rocking her while singing to Ella did not work. Tie that in with the stage that Ella’s at – “Every excuse under the sun to not go to bed” stage and it’s made for some interesting nights. Glad tonight is my last one on my own for a while 🙂

So to all you AMAZING single parents out there, I am in AWE of your talents. How you manage to stay somewhat sane and raise your kids is beyond me!

…and because every post is better with a photo…

Happy Friday!

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