Island Sessions Sneak Peeks part three!

For a day that started off with me wanting to cry, Saturday was turning out to be a FANTASTIC day. The rain held off and we got some great images during our second session! You already had a little sneak peek with our post on Sunday. As you can imagine, we had a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t want to go running through a forest and be able to call it work? It also doesn’t hurt that Charlie and Laney are super cute and really great to work with. Although, as their aunt and uncle, we may have a slight bias 😛

With four session completed over two days, we’ve had a lot of editing to do this week. Sometimes you need to take a break and play a little, which is what Eric did with this image of Laney (With thanks to Sean Best). It’s a neat effect, but I’m not completely sold on it. What do you think? And because we really do want your feedback, I’m going to bribe you! If you post a comment either to our Facebook Fan Page or here, on the blog, you will be entered to win your choice of a $20 Starbucks card or a $20 Tim Hortons card. Be sure to post your comments before 6pm PST on November 21st. Winner will be announced on November 22nd.

And the video…

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