It’s all about the clothes!

The most frequently asked question when someone reserves a portrait session is “What should I wear?” This is a bit of a tough question, because what looks good when photographed may not be what is available or comfortable. Here are a few of the guidelines that I give my clients, with a little example of why it works 🙂

* Avoid loud colours like red or bright pink and bold patterns like stripes, graphics or plaids. The reason for this is that your eye is immediately drawn away from you, the person and focuses on the clothes. While this may be appealing for some, it does not make for the best portrait.

Here’s my nephew in his favourite PJ’s…cute but a little distracting.

Still cute, but you’re now more focused on his face then the PJ’s!

* If you’re having a family portrait done, try to get everyone on the same page as far as clothes go. (ie. everyone in jeans and dark tops) Again, it allows the focus to remain on the people in the image, rather than having colours competing.

Here’s a great sample from one of our recent family sessions. Dolma made sure to dress everyone in jeans and white tops. The look is very cohesive.

* Wear what you’re most comfortable in. I say this with a bit of a caution…obviously your ratty sweats are the most comfortable clothes you own, but honestly, they don’t photograph well. However, if you hardly ever wear a suit and tie, why would you wear one for your family portrait? Think casual but chic, a nice dark pair of jeans and your favourite sweater go a long way to making you look and feel good.

Hope this helps 🙂

Happy Snow Day!

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