Just Keep Spinning…

Earlier this year, I learned how to spin yarn and have been loving the peace that I find when I spend some time at the wheel.

About a month ago, I heard about this spinning competition, Spinzilla. It’s basically a week where you try to spin as much yardage as you possibly can and you “compete” against other teams to see which group can collectively spin the most. I hesitated for a couple of days about whether or not I wanted to sign up. Could I really spin every day for a week? If I signed up for a team, would I disappoint them if I didn’t spin enough in the week? Would it be better to sign up and spin “rogue”, where I’d be “competing” against other spinners who also weren’t spinning on a team? Ultimately, I decided to sign up on Team Sweet Georgia. They are a local Vancouver company and have some absolutely exquisite fiber colours and blends. I’ve spun several of their blends and have really enjoyed it. In fact, the pink on Tehya’s birthday sweater is my hand-spun using Sweet Georgia Fiber!


As the week is drawing closer, I’ve also been working hard on completing another spinning project. When I first bought my wheel, I found someone online that was selling some raw fleece from New Zealand. One was a lovely dark brown and the other was white and between the two, I had just over 5 pounds! I sent it off to a mill to have it washed and turned into roving, and I’ve been trying to get all of it spun before spinzilla, as it takes up a LOT of space. I’ve come to realize that I’m not going to get through all of it in the next week, but I do need to finish the white that is currently filling up most of my bobbins.


So the motto at the moment is… just keep spinning! I know that I’ll get this project completed in time to start the competition and I’m really looking forward to challenging myself and seeing just how much I can spin in the week. There were some huge numbers done last year, so I’m curious to see just how much gets spun this year!

Happy Friday!! 🙂

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