Kids and Cameras

This post has been a long time coming, as there’s been much discussion about whether or not this is something we should attempt. The conversations started when we returned from our trip in July. When we looked through what the girls had photographed, we were shocked. They captured some moments that were utterly beautiful. They perfectly represent our trip and where they are at this moment in time…

At the first stop, we handed Tehya her camera, and this is what she saw. Rather appropriate, I think…


These next few were taken when we stopped at Alexandra’s Bridge. I love that both the girls ended up getting their feet in the images!




Or their entire legs!


Ella took these ones as we were walking back to the car from the bridge.

There’s something about out of focus flowers and sky, that I love.


I love her perspective on the train tracks. She was sitting on my shoulders for these ones.




Then we headed to Hell’s Gate…

Love their shots from the tram.



Likely one of my favourite images from the trip. It’s pretty awesome.


As is this one…





So Eric happened to capture this image of me, photographing Ella, who was photographing Tehya…


My image…


And Ella’s. I love this one so much!


These ones were taken by the girls as we were leaving our hotel in Lytton. I kind of love them…




Especially this one… because you need a photograph of the bathroom!



So… onto our thoughts. We would love to see more kids involved at a younger age with photography. Our girls have easy access because of what we do… but I know it’s not the same for all kids.

We’re thinking that we would start to offer classes for kids aged 4-10 on how to use cameras. The classes would likely be an hour long, and the parents could participate if they wanted to, but it wouldn’t be mandatory. (ie. you could drop them off and enjoy some peace and quiet to yourself!) We’d be covering a few basic photography “rules”, but it would be a lot of hands on photography for the kids. We’re thinking we’d have a place set up, where the kids would be able to pick their favourite photo and print it and take it home with them. We’re also working to find some cameras to use for the class, but before we spend too much time, we wanted to see if there was even interest in a class like this.

So I need your feedback. If we were to offer a photography class for kids, would you be interested? Leave a comment on the blog or our facebook page or send us an email!

Thanks for taking the time to let us know.

Happy Monday!

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