Kids Can Do Anything? Like what?

Wow, I’m so overwhelmed by the wonderful response we had to our post yesterday! Thank you, I’m so excited and grateful!! We’ve had a lot of great ideas, but we also had one e-mail asking, “Well, what can kids do?” so I thought I’d share a brainstorming session that Eric and I had a few weeks ago.

As you saw yesterday we’ve done the photographer, the karate punch and the rock climber. While we’re only limited by your imagination (we love a challenge), we’ve done the pre-production for a surfing kid, a skydiving kid (this would be for a child over one year), and a kayaker kid.  Other ideas that we’ve talked about, but have not done any pre-production on, include horseback riding, (show jumping and cowboy style), white water rafting, windsurfing, driving, skiing, snowmobile, biking, and skateboarding. Some less arduous activities include knitting, playing Scrabble, fishing, golf and playing a musical instrument. The possibilities are endless and the only one that we’ve thought may not be possible is scuba diving… but as I said, we love a challenge 🙂

If you have an idea for a Child’s Play image, please feel free to share, we’d love to hear it!

*Please remember, we will never put your child in a harmful situation, this is all about photo manipulation and creative photoshop composites. Safety is ALWAYS our first priority!

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