Kye Bay – A family place

Two weekends ago Katrina, Ella and I went to Kye Bay in Comox. The beach house at Kye Bay belonged to my dad’s parents. When my grandpa passed away the house was left to his 6 kids. With 5 of that generation left, each family gets two weeks of summer vacation time at the beach. This summer my mom’s brother and his kids came to enjoy Kye Bay with us. Katrina and I could only get away for a few days, but here are some images from a great weekend.

Charlie, ripping on his skim board.

Laney, enjoying the sand.

Ella, throwing rocks.

My dad, also throwing rocks. We love to throw rocks in my family.

Danita, watching the kids out playing on a lovely evening.

Danita with Laney and Charlie, this time on a stand up paddleboard. If you’ve never tried this, you need to. It’s such fun and because the boards are so big it’s pretty stable too.

Remember that profile I was talking about last week? Well…

Kristina, reading to Ella.

Rob sitting by the fire.

That’s it for now. Thanks to my family for a fun weekend.

Wait, how could I forget. Here’s one last image of Ella rowing my mom and I around while my brother fishes in the background.

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