Last of the Island Sessions Sneak Peeks.

As luck would have it, when we were heading out the door to our last session of the day…the sky opened up and the rain started to pour down! I wanted to cry again…I was mad…I even tried bargaining…”Can’t you just give us an hour before you start to rain?” It didn’t work. When we arrived at Steve and Donna’s beautiful lake front home, I saw all these gorgeous outdoor spots…that we couldn’t use, and I wanted to cry again. Then the rain eased up to a drizzle…so I grabbed that opportunity and took the kids outside to capture a few photographs of them. Eric got our lights set up and we did the family portraits beside the house, out of the rain. In the end, it worked out okay.

One of the first things Donna said when we arrived was…”Have you been warned that we’re really hard to photograph?” I chuckled, because it’s probably one of the most common phrases I hear from people. I think you’ll agree when you take a look at these sneak peeks that they have a perfectly photogenic family 🙂

Playing Peek with Eva

I love her eyes…such a beautiful blue!

Zach was a little shy at first…

..but then he started to show what he really thought of my jokes!

Eric was finally done setting up the lights, so he came to give me a hand…I think they are laughing because he’s making faces behind me!

The outside family portrait…

The inside family portrait – love the hard wood!

Hope you’re nice and cozy inside, while the snow melts outside!

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