Learning to Let Go

After our adventure to the pumpkin patch two weeks ago, I’d been searching for some ideas that went beyond the standard carved pumpkins. I wanted it to be something the girls could do easily and make them feel like they had a part in the process. Last week I came across this link on Facebook and I knew what I wanted to do!

So on Sunday, I headed off to the store to pick up some supplies. When I got home, I set up the table and the girls started out by painting their pumpkins. As the paint was a little thick, and we started later in the day than we’d planned… the rest of the decorating had to happen the next day. In fact, they were so keen to get started that it was the first thing Ella asked to do when she woke up in the morning!


Tehya was fascinated with the Googly eyes I picked up.


While, Ella loved the stickers.


Tehya’s masterpieces


Ella’s masterpieces


A few of mine… the mummies were especially fun to create… and, as an added bonus, they glow in the dark!


And the whole family of pumpkins…


For me, the whole process was a great lesson in learning to let go of my need for perfection. I stopped myself several times from suggesting that they do things this way or that way because I thought it would better. I just left it up to them. My mantra was “they are just pumpkins, they do not have to be perfect”. The best part, when we were done, Ella thanked me and couldn’t wait to start on the next task… ghosts for the tree (sorry, no photos yet, as they haven’t made it into the tree, maybe tomorrow!)

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