Lest We Forget

Ella is at that stage in life where she questions everything. The latest round of questions has been about the poppy I’ve been wearing. It’s been hard to try and explain to her, in a way that she can comprehend exactly what war is. For this, I’m grateful. I’m grateful that we live in a country that our children don’t have any idea what war is. That really, asides from what I’ve seen on TV, neither do I. I’ve never had to worry about food or shelter or face bombings or gun shots.

I saw this For Better or For Worse strip and it seems very fitting to share today.


At 11 am today, I’ll be taking my moment of silence. I will be thinking about all the men and women who gave their lives, so that we didn’t have to. I will be thinking about my grandfather and my great grandfather. After that moment, I will try again to explain to Ella about poppies and war and just how lucky we are.

Lest we Forget.

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