Life Lessons…

Every morning, I remind myself how lucky I am to have two healthy, beautiful little girls. It’s made even more poignant when I read this blog. Beautiful little Charlie-Anne has SMA Type 1, which is a terminal genetic condition. She’s doing really well right now, which is so wonderful. Her mom, Cherie, speaks so eloquently about her feelings in dealing with the disease and the beautiful moments that she sees because of it. In the post I read this morning, she talks about a recent event at Canuck Place.

It made me stop and quietly give thanks. Thanks for my amazing friends and family. Thanks for the clients that support me in a job that I love. Thanks for the health of my children. Thanks for AMAZING moms like Cherie, who are willing to be so vulnerable and share their pain.

For me, December marks the official start of the Holiday Season (Although, you wouldn’t know that by looking at some of the stores, who seem to be decorating earlier every year!) I thought I would share my wish for Christmas this year. I wish that everyone would take $25 or more of the money that they’ve budgeted for Holiday spending and make a donation to a wonderful cause. Find one that speaks to you. This year mine will be Canuck Place. Imagine if EVERY SINGLE PERSON on your Facebook friends list donated $25, what a difference it could make. If all my friends did it, it would mean $7325 raised. Imagine the JOY it could bring to someone else.

Here are the smiles I enjoy every day! (And the front of our Christmas card this year)

I am so very lucky. If you’d like to share where you’re making your donation, I’d love to hear it. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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