Lisa and Kris – Sailboat Portraits

I make no secret about it… I LOVE my job. To create something that is lasting and precious truly means the world to me. When I get to do this for friends, I’m overjoyed. That is definitely the case with this session and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Eric and Lisa have known each other for years, they’ve traveled together, they share a love of climbing, they have an amazing friendship. So when Eric and I first started dating, it wasn’t long before I was included in this special friendship.

Lisa is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. She’s kind, generous and thoughtful. She’s the type of person who you call when you need a shoulder to cry on or you need to celebrate your latest victory. She’s truly incredible.

When we first met Kris, we were so excited for Lisa. He embodies all of her amazing qualities and you can see the love they share is genuine. His biggest challenge in life is that he is living with MS, but he faces this challenge with a grace and bravery that I’ve seen in very few people. He’s actively involved in the disabled sailing association in Victoria and loves the freedom he finds on the water. So when Lisa and Kris, with help from both their parents, got a boat earlier this year, we suggested a session on it. Lisa’s not a big fan of being in front of the camera, but she readily agreed to the session. Scheduling the session has been a little tricky but I was thrilled when we found a date that worked in October.

The weather was PERFECT! Eric captured this image of me when I was “Facebooking” our office location that night 🙂


One of the first images we captured that night, with their sweet dog, Valley.


So much love…




Had a hard time choosing if this was my favourite image of Kris…


Or if this one was my favourite… what do you think?


Love this one…


But this one is my favourite of the whole night. It embodies all I love about these two. Happy, relaxed, and completely in love.


Lisa and Kris, thank you. Thank you for your friendship, for your trust and for allowing us the opportunity to go for a sail and create these images for you. You are both so dear to us and I’m grateful for all the time we’re able to carve out to spend together. I look forward to more trips and visits. With gratitude, Katrina.

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