Little Ben – Sneak Peeks

I LOVE my job. This weekend, I had a session with little Ben. It was a very special session to me, as I’ve known Lisa for over 20 years (yikes, does that make me old?) She and my sister have been friends since high school and they spent a LOT of time together while we were growing up. I sometimes would be offered the “privilege” of hanging out with them, and I have a lot of great memories from that time. It was nice to catch up with Lisa and get to know her husband, Alvin a little. There was lots of time for chat, as Ben seemed particularly hungry that day! Here are a couple of my favourite images from the day.

Thank you, Lisa and Alvin for your time, it was so much FUN!

Wee Little Ben

All snug, in Lisa’s baby blanket (made by her grandma! I LOVE working with special mementos!)

The new family. They just look so content, which makes me happy.

I know, I know, you want to see more… they are coming soon, I promise! Lisa and Alvin just need to see them first 🙂

Happy Monday!

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