Little Flowers…Lots of LOVE!

Every day, we spend some time over at my mom and dad’s house. This is where I try to get some uninterrupted work done. Despite some places getting snow yesterday, there are hints of spring everywhere. Flowers are blooming and cherry blossoms are out. My mom has a few flowers out in her front yard, so when we arrive, Ella stops to pick a flower for her Mya (this is what she calls my mom). On our way home at night, she picks one for me to take home. Everytime she picks a flower, Ella says “Ella big girl” and proudly hands me the flower, usually followed by a hug and kiss. It’s something small, but I think it shows lots of LOVE. It makes me smile. It brightens my day. It reminds me how quickly babies grow up. Here’s to many more days of little flowers 🙂 Happy Friday!

p.s. Don’t forget to send us your entries for our contest. Deadline is Sunday night at 11!

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