Little Lily – Newborn Portraits

About a month ago, I was in getting my hair cut and the woman before me had her baby with her. He was a little cutie and cooed the whole time his mom was getting her hair done. As I sat down in the chair, my hairdresser asked me, “When you see a newborn, does it make you want another one?” I smiled, shook my head and replied, “I get my regular baby fix at work. When I see newborns, I’m happy to have a cuddle, but it doesn’t make me yearn for another one!” By far, one of the best job perks. Tons of baby cuddles, no middle of the night wake ups 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of photographing sweet little Lily. I could have spent the whole day with this angel. She was so calm and seemed to love the attention. Then, when it was time to fall asleep, she did. Couldn’t have asked for a better model 🙂

Rob and Cate, thank you so much for trusting us to photograph your gorgeous little girl. We hope you will enjoy the portraits for many years to come!

Sleepy Time

I love how happy Rob looks 😀

Nothing better than mommy cuddles!

Might as well start them young, even if they aren’t playing right now!

Keep Smiling!

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