Love… That’s All.

Last night as I was putting Ella to bed, she reached out, gave me a hug and said, “Love you mama.” So simple. So sweet. So pure. It never fails to melt my heart when I hear these words, especially when she says them out of the blue. It reminds me that love can be that simple. It’s not a card or a box of chocolates or the bouquet of roses that you are lead to believe every Valentine’s Day. It is in the moments that you may miss if you’re not paying attention to them. It’s when your child reaches out to hold your hand. Or when they ask to be picked up and cuddled. It’s there when they go running to the door to greet you when you get home. It is in these moments that I feel so incredibly lucky to be a “work at home” mom. I get the best of both worlds. I’m able to be home with my girls and fit in work around them, doing something that I LOVE. Some nights, this means that I’m up until the wee hours of the morning to get things done, but it’s always worth it. My family is my first priority. They are my whole world and I would do anything to see them smile. To me, that is what Love is.

This is one of my favourite images of both my girls. I love that Tehya is laughing and to me, it’s obvious that Ella loves her to pieces 🙂 I’m a very lucky mom!!


Happy Wednesday.

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