Magic Moments

Despite the lack of sleep, dirty diapers and runny noses, being a mom is pretty great. There are magical moments that happen all the time, you just need to stop and notice them. I know that on some days, this is a tough thing to do. If you’re like me, you may be worried about the state of your house, the massive pile of laundry or a stack of dishes. I’m also thinking about work a lot and the endless paperwork, marketing and editing that needs to be done. My mind is not always in the present.

Here’s what I’m finally starting to realize, my kids don’t care about the state of the house, how much work I have to do or even how much sleep I got the night before. All that matters to them is how much time I have for them.

So, yesterday I got down on the floor and played puzzles with Ella. Then when Tehya woke up, I had one of the best moments as a mom yet. I was sitting in the rocking chair, feet up on the coffee table, with Tehya on my lap. She’d just finished nursing and we were having a “chat.” Ella stopped playing with her toys, came over and asked to hold “my Tehya.” So there I sat, with the sun streaming through the window, Ella lying on my chest and Tehya siting on top of her, both of them holding hands and talking to each other. Every few seconds Ella would reach up and gently pull Tehya down for a hug, saying “I love my Tehya!” and kiss her on the forehead. It was pure MAGIC!

There was also a brief moment where I found myself longing for someone else to be there. Someone who could photograph it for me. I stopped myself and instead turned on the “recorder” in my head, shut off everything else and SAVORED. EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. I leaned over and whispered in Ella’s ear, “I love you, sweetie” and she took her eyes off Tehya long enough to look at me, say “I lub you too, Mommy” and give me a kiss. My heart melted and I smiled to myself. I am so very lucky.

So take the time, enjoy the moments, the dishes can wait. Your kids will thank you.

Happy Friday 🙂

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