Missing out… but loving it!

We spent the weekend on the Island… part family visit, part helping get set up for Image Explorations (IE). It was hard to leave yesterday afternoon and head home with the girls. To know that I’m missing out on visiting with friends I haven’t seen in a year. They were just arriving, as I was getting ready to leave. I’m sad I couldn’t have more than a two minute visit. There were a couple of classes that I was really excited about this year and I’m sad to know that I’m missing out on some great learning experiences… but there is a silver lining.

I love IE for many reasons… but the biggest reason, is that this is where Eric and I met. So while I’m going to miss not being there this week, I have a pretty great week ahead of me. This is what my car ride home looked like…

Who wouldn’t be excited to trade some classroom time for some time spent with these cuties? I know that there will be lots of learning to be had at IE 2013 but that these moments will pass before I know it… and that they wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for IE in the first place!

Happy Monday!

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