Missing Them

Today is day three of working away from home… and I miss my kids. Especially after last night.

I strongly believe that having interests that I love outside of photography and my family helps to keep me balanced. It helps me be creative and I’m so grateful that Eric supports me in this. A few months back I took a basic course in Reflexology. In order to get a certificate of completion I have a minimum of 40 treatments to complete and at least 3 nights at the student clinic. Last night was my first night there… which meant that since I finished at 10pm and was exhausted, I stayed in Richmond at my parent’s place. I knew that the girls would have been asleep before I got home and that I would need to leave before they woke up in the morning, so there seemed to be little reason to make the drive.

This was hard. I love my cuddle time before bed. I love the feeling of little heads on my shoulder and little arms wrapped around me. I love the hugs and kisses. I even love the stall tactics that Ella’s been pulling out lately. (Any other parents have a list of excuses they have to deflect in order to get their kids to go to sleep too?) Maybe it’s this time “away” that is giving me a little perspective, but I know that tonight, I will relish in the hugs, kisses and tiny arms. I will spend as much time as I possibly can reading and cuddling before they need to sleep. As Ella tells me when she blows me a kiss, “Don’t forget to catch it and put it in your heart!” Tonight, I will replace that feeling of missing them with love and I will store it all in my heart.

This basically sums up what I feel when my kids come running to the door to greet me. The best part is the koala bear hugs I get when I pick them up.


Happy Wednesday.

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