Moving on…

Well, it’s official. As of last night, our home is no longer really ours. We get to live in it for a couple more months, but it now¬†belongs to someone else. I didn’t think this would make me as sad as it has, but here I am… feeling a little sad.

When we first bought our place, it needed a lot of TLC, so we got to work. Over the course of 4 months, we pulled out carpets, ripped apart the kitchen and bathroom, re-tiled the fireplace, painted, put in new everything… the list is kinda endless, but it was worth every single second that we spent. We poured our hearts into making this a place that we would love for a really long time. And we have, for nearly 5 years, it has been a place that we love to come home to. The memories that are held within these walls, are also ingrained in my heart. It will be hard to close the door for the last time. It will be hard to know that this is no longer ours, but it also means that bigger and more exciting things are on the horizon… so here’s to moving on.

Even if I am going to miss this view…

Happy Thursday!

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