My Best Friend

It all started with a chance meeting at a photography conference. It continued with conversations about Nutmeg Logs, breaking rules and future goals. It “finished” on a beautiful September day in a park.

5 years ago today, I married my best friend. In that time we’ve laughed and cried. We’ve travelled. We’ve bought a condo and made it our home. We’ve continued to share and grow. To challenge and encourage. To enjoy good food, friends and family. I have felt my heart grow more deeply in love with each passing year and when I watch Eric with our daughters, it almost feels like it may burst. Life will always have it’s ups and downs, but I’m happy to have such an amazing partner to walk through it with.

Tonight, we will celebrate with a family picnic in the living room, followed by some (hopefully funny) reading. At our wedding, we asked our guests to write out a prediction for where they saw us in 5 years time. I’ve stopped myself several times from taking a peek and reading some of the notes. I have to admit, I’m VERY curious to know what people said… and now my wait is over 🙂

Happy Anniversary Eric.

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