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I was so EXCITED on Saturday morning, thinking that I’d be able to share our latest product with people and tell them about it… but then it was so much busier than we anticipated and I didn’t really have a moment to chat! However… that just means I’m so much more excited to be posting this for you today!!!

When I first found out I was expecting, I found that I was constantly bombarded with advice. The biggest one being, “It goes by so quickly, enjoy every moment!” It was with this piece of advice in mind that I created the “My Moment” Memory book. These books are all about your child, at this moment in time.

The process is simple, I come to your home and spend a couple of hours talking to and photographing your child. It’s so much fun to hear them tell me about all the things they love, from their favourite things to do, to their favourite things to eat! After the session, I custom design a book and use the information they’ve shared with me to write a story to go along with the images. The end result is a perfect snapshot of who your child is right now.

This book can be done with children of any age. When working with younger children, I’ll rely on your help to tell the story and fill in the details that they might not be able to share with me! Imagine what it would be like to create a library for your child that’s just about them. Imagine being able to look back over the years and read through their stories. Remember the things they said or did, that have long been forgotten. See where they’ve changed and where they’ve stayed the same. Let me tell their story!

Each “My Moment” session includes a pre-consultation to discuss clothing and location(s), the session (lasts between 2-3 hours) and a completed 8″x8″ book. It is best if the session focuses on one child, but some sibling images would be captured during the session, if that’s part of your child’s story. Each session is $995 + taxes.

I had a blast creating this book to use as our sample. Jackson is the son of one of my longtime clients, who also happens to be my mortgage broker! (Karen is awesome!!!) I loved seeing her reaction to the finished book and I even got a double thumbs up from Jack!


I love the way this book lays flat when it’s open!


The BEST news that I’m sharing with you today… we have special launch pricing available!

If you book your “My Moments” session TODAY, March 25th, you will receive it for $625 + hst. (I decided to hold over the one day special price from Saturday, as it was likely missed by most people!)
If you book it anytime between March 26th and March 31st, 2013, you will receive it for $775 + hst.

*Sessions booked with the introductory special must take place before December 31, 2013. A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking, the balance is due at the session. Because it’s such an in depth process, I’ll only be doing ONE of these sessions each month, so book early!

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