My new car :)

Every once in a while, I come across something I just have to have.

This is my new car… cute isn’t it?

Taking it out for a spin…

In case you’re wondering… it’s not really a car. It’s my new computer mouse 🙂 My parents have operated a computer company for over 25 years and every once in a while, a client will ask about a product that they’ve seen somewhere. In this case, a client had seen these mice at the Heathrow Airport and was looking for them for Christmas gifts. When my mom mentioned it to me, I decided I wanted one too. Eric thinks I’m completely nuts, but I’m okay with that. The best part… the “car” actually has functioning headlights and rear lights! Now I just have to convince Ella that it’s not a toy that she can play with.

Happy Friday 🙂

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